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Introducing "You Can't Hold What's Within," an incredible piece of art that is sure to leave you curious. This artwork is filled with bold, colorful brushstrokes that create an impressive texture that is unique and captivating. The piece speaks to holding one's feelings inside, using a color palette consisting of yellow, orange, and blue. Measuring 40x30x1.5, this acrylic on canvas artwork was created by a talented Maine artist Angelique Luro and is the perfect addition to any collection.




You Can't Hold What's Within

  • Because there are numerous variables when shipping artwork please contact me for a quote. Small works (under 24") I will typically ship for free in the contintental US. Any painting larger than 24" shipping charges are calculated after purchase. I try not to charge more than 10% of the purchase price of the art. Worldwide shipping is available but must be quoted. 

    Thank you for your support,


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