How did I get here?


It wasn't easy!


I’ve spent the majority of my life chasing dreams someone else implanted in my brain. One of my first jobs as a teenager was working in a Jewish cemetery. I had to bury a lady and ended up peeing my pants because I was so scared she might not be dead. I could only go up from there, and I did.

I have experienced everything from Pharma sales to yoga instructor.

Let’s just say I’m very well rounded.


A common thread running throughout most of my careers and education was creativity. Every time I was able to be creative, I was happy, take away the creativity and I became miserable. 


The event that ultimately pushed me into making art was a heartbreaking one. I had accidentally hit our dog Rigby in the driveway returning from picking up dinner on my husbands’ birthday. Thankfully, Rigby recovered and his recovery was a gift to me, I turned to painting to heal the brokenness I felt, and I haven’t looked back since. 


I work as an abstract artist for many reasons, the biggest one being freedom. My work is full of self examination, full of emotion, full of joy, and full of curiosity. Each and every piece of art that I create teaches me something, I like to think of it as an exploration. My curiosities are vast, I approach painting playfully with a good sense of humor, which I really need when things go down the tubes. 

I'm glad you're here!