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The coast of Maine is my home, I draw from its energy and beauty as well as my life on our small farm.  I am passionate about creating pieces that are authentic to my experience, whether it be from a walk along the beach or the joy I feel when I walk into the barn each morning.


 I describe my process as an intuitive, curious exploration. Often times I begin in one direction and land in quite another. Starting each piece with a playful sense of  humor and freedom, meandering around until I feel "something" in the work that captures my interest.  I'll then begin to hone in on the final composition, fine tuning the details and adjusting as I finish. It is paramount for me to accurately articulate the sensation of a particular moment as it relates to a place, an event or an experience with use of color, texture and design of an artwork. 


 The art I make is a concrete reminder of the passion, joy, and moments that come from embracing all the experiences that life has to offer. I invite you to explore my work, discover the stories behind each one, and find the one that speaks to you."



Cat Eye Glasses

I still haven't forgiven my

mother for these glasses.



I adore my ass.


My Kids

They're grown ups now. I'm honored to be their Mom. The best thing I've ever done.

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