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Thanks so much for stopping into my site and considering a purchase. Here's some helpful information, and if I can answer any other questions, please drop me a message. I will respond usually within an hour.

My work is  represented by Gallery Sitka, ( You can find several pieces of my work on their website. 

I often show my work at the; 

NH Art Association(, the York Art Association, (, Kittery Art Association(

The samples to the right are of the framing that I typically use on most of my work. The frame can be removed if you prefer a different look however, the sides of my work are unfinished.

I use a pine frame is typically but on occasion I'll use oak or maple if it suites the art, inquire if you have a preference. 

All the strip framing is unstained.  I 

Cradled panels will not have any additional framing. Most of my work on hardboard, MDF, birch panels or paper will not be framed. (Usually)

Shipping for any painting over 12x12 in size will not be included. Contact me for shipping info., local delivery is also an option, (if you live in the New England area!)

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